What is Your Personal Financial Wellness Score?

Think you are stressed?  Take the Personal Financial Wellness survey (PFW).  Your PFW  can help you determine what level of stress you are experiencing due to personal finances.  By taking an eight-question financial stress quiz , you can learn how your stress measures in comparison to the national  averages .    Is your PFW score higher than the average?  Take action – even a baby step – to start taking control of your money.  Here’s … Continue reading What is Your Personal Financial Wellness Score?

How to Order Your Free Annual Credit Report

Those little jingles you hear about getting your “free” credit report on television or on the radio sound good, but they are really not free. There is usually a stipulation or another product that is being marketed. The federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act is a federal mandate that requires consumer credit reporting  agencies (that include Equifax, Trans Union and Experian) to give you a … Continue reading How to Order Your Free Annual Credit Report

Vacation Tips

It’s time to start planning for summer vacations! Don’t rack up credit card debt to go on your dream vacation—plan ahead to minimize expenses. Bankrate.com offers some money-saving vacation planning tips: Think ahead: Plan for vacation necessities—film, sunscreen, refreshments—that you can bring with you to save money. Tourist hot spots often charge higher prices than stores closer to home. Consider timing: To get the best … Continue reading Vacation Tips