What is Your Personal Financial Wellness Score?

Think you are stressed?  Take the Personal Financial Wellness survey (PFW).  Your PFW  can help you determine what level of stress you are experiencing due to personal finances.  By taking an eight-question financial stress quiz , you can learn how your stress measures in comparison to the national  averages .  

 Is your PFW score higher than the average?  Take action – even a baby step – to start taking control of your money.  Here’s a suggestion…write down every penny you spend for the next 7 days.  On the 8th day, review where your money went.  Is there room for improvement? Gaining control over spending is often one of the fastest and easiest steps you can take to start feeling “in control” again.  All stress will not go away with this one step – but it is a start.  Next…tackle your debt!

To get your personal financial wellness score, go to the PFEEF Web site by clicking here: 8 Questions for Your Personal Financial Wellness Score

 The EDSA Group is proud to be ranked as a “Best Provider” by PFEEF.

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