Be An Organized Shopper

Want to save on your grocery bill? Who doesn’t! And while clipping coupons are an obvious solution, some of us are not able to manage the process well. If you are coupon-challenged (as I am), consider these quick tips:

· Try to grocery shop once a week – and on the same day each week. This will help you better plan how much to purchase (so you do not over or under purchase). This also saves you gas and time.

· Make a list. Plan ahead and review recipes to make sure you purchase everything you need for the week. The other benefit to this is you have your meals somewhat figured out in advance (again – another chance for time savings).

· Avoid impulse purchases. Shopping with a list can also help you eliminate the spontaneous (and often unnecessary) buys. Stick to your list!

· Don’t let specials entice you. It doesn’t matter if you can buy 2 gallons of milk and get the third one free if you only need 1 gallon of milk.

Have other tips you’d like to share? Please post them as a comment!

One thought on “Be An Organized Shopper

  1. Good tips – I cannot deal with coupons, either. One more idea…Shop WITHOUT your children and avoid the “I want…” pressure. (it also cuts shopping time in half!) My neighbor and I watch each other’s kids to make this work.

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