Want To Spend a Fun Evening With Family Or Friends, But In a Pinch For Money?

Whether you are single, new to a relationship or married, dating can get expensive. If you are single, you may want to have a girls’ or guys’ night out but going to restaurants can be costly. If you are dating, of course you want to make a good impression but may be on a tight budget. If you are married and want to enjoy a night without the kids, there may not be any money left over for dinner after paying the babysitter! Take these tips into consideration the next time you want to spend an evening out:

•Stay in and cook. Who wouldn’t be impressed by a meal you prepared yourself? Not only is it sentimental because your hard-work went into it, but it also shows some personality. What you decided to cook and why it is your specialty would also be something you could talk about! If you weren’t planning a date but just wanted dinner with a few friends, invite them over! Your friends would love the change of scenery and really appreciate the meal. Plan a “girls night in” and you wouldn’t even have to leave your house! Continue reading “Want To Spend a Fun Evening With Family Or Friends, But In a Pinch For Money?”

How to Keep Illness and Prescriptions From Plaguing Your Pocketbook

You can never anticipate an illness approaching, and with prescriptions and doctor visits, the price adds up! I know there have been many times that I have gotten up to three prescriptions filled over just one sinus infection. With no time to plan ahead and prepare, you may find yourself spending more money than you had hoped! Here are some tips to help you save money even if you are feeling under the weather:

•Buy Generic. Brand-name drugs are much more pricey than generic. And studies by the FDA show that the average amount you would save by choosing generic over brand-name drugs is about $67! Also, all generic drugs have met the same requirements that their equivalent brand-name drug is required to meet. So basically, for the same drug you can save a lot more money! Continue reading “How to Keep Illness and Prescriptions From Plaguing Your Pocketbook”

Don’t Let Rising Gas Prices Get You Down

Everyone seems to be affected by the continuously rising price of gas. If you’re like me, you pull into the first gas station you pass after your gas light comes on without regard to the cost. You may not realize it, but you could save a lot of money on gas if you put in the research before you pump.

Visit Gasbuddy.com to get the lowest reported gas prices in your area before just driving up to any pump. This Web site allows you to type in your city or zip code, and it instantly summons a list of gas stations around your area with recent price reports. It’s that simple! Continue reading “Don’t Let Rising Gas Prices Get You Down”

Missed Out On Cash for Clunkers? It’s not too late to get a great deal!

Here are some tips on how to be a smart car buyer:

•Be patient and persistent. The key to finding a good deal is being in the right place at the right time. If you’re more anxious to buy than the seller is to sell, you’ll reduce your chances of getting the best price you can. Continue reading “Missed Out On Cash for Clunkers? It’s not too late to get a great deal!”

Coupons: Get Over it and Use Them!

If someone was to give you $10 or $20 extra a month, with no strings attached, would you take it? Why wouldn’t you? Well, I believe that not nearly enough people are taking advantage of the “free” money that stores and other organizations are giving away in the form of coupons.

For some, it can be quite relaxing to get up early on a Sunday morning, get your newspaper, coffee and scissors and sit back and clip some savings for yourself or your family. Continue reading “Coupons: Get Over it and Use Them!”