Want To Spend a Fun Evening With Family Or Friends, But In a Pinch For Money?

Whether you are single, new to a relationship or married, dating can get expensive. If you are single, you may want to have a girls’ or guys’ night out but going to restaurants can be costly. If you are dating, of course you want to make a good impression but may be on a tight budget. If you are married and want to enjoy a night without the kids, there may not be any money left over for dinner after paying the babysitter! Take these tips into consideration the next time you want to spend an evening out:

•Stay in and cook. Who wouldn’t be impressed by a meal you prepared yourself? Not only is it sentimental because your hard-work went into it, but it also shows some personality. What you decided to cook and why it is your specialty would also be something you could talk about! If you weren’t planning a date but just wanted dinner with a few friends, invite them over! Your friends would love the change of scenery and really appreciate the meal. Plan a “girls night in” and you wouldn’t even have to leave your house!

•Go outdoors. Spending time outside and being active is a great idea. I know I love taking walks around the neighborhood, especially when I have company! You could enjoy your daily walk even more if you had someone to talk to. It would be a great way to catch-up with your friends or to get to know someone. You could even help motivate one another!

•Have a trade-off night with the neighbors. Talk with your neighbors and see about a night you can have their children over at no cost in return for a night at their house! You can plan these nights for two weekends out of the month or every other weekend. This is a great way to relax and enjoy a free night to yourselves, or you can put the money you saved on a babysitter toward a nice dinner!

It is not necessary to spend outrageous amounts of money on a babysitter or go to an expensive restaurant to have fun. It’s really the quality time you spend that matters most, not where or how much you spent.

Have other ideas for an inexpensive but fun night in or out? Post them below!

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