Savings in the Kitchen

Raising a family is expensive. Take these easy steps and realize how simple and convenient saving money in the kitchen can be!

•Throw away the paper towels. Paper towels are expensive and continuously have to be replaced. Instead of buying a new roll of paper napkins every week, use a washable dish cloth instead. Make a one-time payment on a few reusable cloths and rotate them out.

•Freeze it! Instead of throwing away left-over’s and wasting money, store it! You can only save food for so long until it goes bad, but if you freeze it, food will last much longer. We all know that after a day or two we are sick and tired of the same meal. Freeze it and a few weeks or a month later you will have a free dinner! This will also save you one night in the future when you don’t have time or just don’t want to cook. Just thaw it out!

•Get reusable food containers. Get a pack of glass or plastic food containers that are washable and can be reused, instead of buying those cheap ones you throw away after each use! You may spend more at the time, but invest in sturdy, washable containers and you will save a lot with this one-time cost.

Have any other tips for saving money in the home or kitchen? Post a comment below!

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