Saving Money at the Movies

Want to go on a date or take the family to the movies? Here are some simple steps to take to save money when watching a movie.

• Go to the matinee. Going to a matinee showing can save a lot of money, especially if you are bringing the whole family. A few dollars off each ticket will add up!

• Don’t buy from the concessions. The concessions at movie theaters are practically robbing you of your money. Instead of paying for these expensive snacks, maybe wait until after the movie is over and get ice cream as a treat. A $2 ice cream cone is a lot cheaper than paying $3 or more per fountain drink plus any candy you may want!

• Rent from Redbox. Redbox is such a simple and cheap solution to renting movies. A card is not necessary and it is only a dollar a night! They are also very convenient. You can rent from one Redbox and return it to any other location nationwide! I rented a movie and watched it three times, keeping it for three nights and it was only $3 plus tax! I rented it at a Wal-Mart and returned it conveniently when I was at a Walgreens!

Have any other tips on saving money at the theater or renting a movie? Post them below!

One thought on “Saving Money at the Movies

  1. I know I LOVE a good night/ day out at the movies. There’s nothing like the experience of going to see a brand new movie. But as everyone has noticed, it can get extremely pricey. Rising ticket prices, coupled with severely overprices snacks, makes this hard of college students who want to enjoy the theater. But these tips are helpful hints for those on a budget, but also want to have a good time. I really agree with seeing matinee shows. In fact, my friends and I do this almost all the time. In addition to cheaper matinee prices, I would add to this list for students to not to be a afraid to ask for the student discounts. This will save at least a dollar off the ticket price! As alluring as the popcorn is, I agree that its best to stay away from the concessions. I also find myself buying popcorn and a soda because the popcorn tends to dry your mouth out, and you’ll want something in the movie to help with that. I also agree with the last point. Redbox nights are our friend! This is definitely the cheapest alternative to seeing a movie at the theater. How many times are you going to see a movie? Once, right? So why pay $9-$11 for a ticket, when you can pay a dollar for a Redbox movie?! These tips are great! Very well done!

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