Save Money on Black Friday Without the Rush

Do you want to save money on Black Friday but avoid the rush? Here are some tips to help you avoid the hustle and bustle and still save some cash, whether you decide to participate in Black Friday shopping activities or stay in!

Recession Tips

Recession-Management Tips

Money is tight for everyone during a recession. To help you live within your means in today’s economy, here are some ideas to save some money from

  1. Take advantage of your public library. Use the library to access the Internet and check out books, magazines, or even movies for free!
  2. Set up a carpool to drive to work or to drive kids to school. Continue reading “Recession Tips”

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Dime

Thanksgiving dinner can get expensive, so try these tips to save money on preparing your feast this year!

  • Plan ahead and make only one trip to the grocery. Make a list of all ingredients you will need and make one trip to your local grocery store. Many stores offer discounts for spending a certain amount at once. Take advantage of these deals and don’t wait until the last minute! Also check for coupons. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Dinner on a Dime”

Saving Money during the Holidays

Consider these simple steps when starting your holiday shopping and save money!

  • Buy in bulk. Instead of buying lots of expensive gift bags, buy a set of 10 or 20 plain, colored paper bags and save money! For wrapping paper, try to find deals like buy one roll of paper and get another free! Also, reusing bags is always a great option. Continue reading “Saving Money during the Holidays”