Thanksgiving Dinner on a Dime

Thanksgiving dinner can get expensive, so try these tips to save money on preparing your feast this year!

  • Plan ahead and make only one trip to the grocery. Make a list of all ingredients you will need and make one trip to your local grocery store. Many stores offer discounts for spending a certain amount at once. Take advantage of these deals and don’t wait until the last minute! Also check for coupons.
  • Have everyone bring a dish. My family does a pot-luck and has everyone bring a portion of the meal. That way one person alone is not bearing all the financial burden of feeding the whole family!
  • Take advantage of leftovers. Don’t let all the food go to waste! Instead, have leftovers for a few days after Thanksgiving Day. Send guests home with leftovers as well. Have someone eat the remainder of the meal you prepared rather than letting it go to waste!                                                                   

Have other tips for saving money on Thanksgiving Dinner? Post them below!

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