Recession Tips

Recession-Management Tips

Money is tight for everyone during a recession. To help you live within your means in today’s economy, here are some ideas to save some money from

  1. Take advantage of your public library. Use the library to access the Internet and check out books, magazines, or even movies for free!
  2. Set up a carpool to drive to work or to drive kids to school.
  3. Write a shopping list and stick to it!  Avoid excess purchases at the grocery or the mall by buying only what’s on your list.
  4. Make day trips close to home instead of taking an expensive vacation. Escape your daily routines and spend time with loved ones by taking short, inexpensive trips without the stress of planning an extravagant vacation.
  5. Ditch the land line. If you are still paying for a home phone when everyone in your family has cell phones, save some money by getting rid of your home telephone line. Many cell phone plans now come with unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, as well as free night and weekend minutes.

For more money management rules to live by, log onto and learn how to take control of your finances!

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