Don’t Buy Textbooks, Rent!

Now that we are beginning to settle in to the new semester, you are probably sure which books you do need and do not need to buy. Well, in fact, you don’t need to buy any books at all! is a great resource for renting books for classes. They even allow you to rent for a quarter of a semester, a whole semester or 60-days. The fewer amount of days you will need to have the book rented, the cheaper the rental price is! This site also allows a 30-day “any reason” guarantee. If for any reason you drop a course or do not need the book anymore, you can return it for your full money back! also pays for the shipping for you to send the book back at the end of the semester when you are done with it! It is that simple, just ship it back at the end of the semester at no cost to you! They also buy books back and accept donations. Whenever you rent, donate, sell or buy a book they will also plant a tree!

Many students are saving an average of $40 or more per book using this site! Visit and start saving on your textbooks now!

Have a comment, story or another website you may know of to save money on textbooks? Post it below!

One thought on “Don’t Buy Textbooks, Rent!

  1. I think that textbook rentals are great. But sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. Especially if you can buy it for less. Lots of rental sites only offer rentals which is a major drawback. I like to rent books from because they show you textbook rentals and purchase prices on the same page!

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