Save on Food and Groceries!

Food is a major budget category for most. Try these tips to cut back on your food expenses:

  • Cook whenever you can. The money spent on one meal out can generally fund several days of home-cooked meals. (there are some great cookbooks for quick, easy meals, like The 5:30 Challenge – which claims each recipe requires 5 ingredients or less, and only 30-minutes to prepare.)
  • Grocery shop from a list. A list minimizes impulse purchases – plus you get home with what you need.
  • Eat leftovers! Don’t let the leftovers go to waste. Eating leftovers is like a free meal for the following night!
  • If you are having a crazy day and are unable to cook, check out the deli at your grocery store.  There are often less expensive and healthier choices available versus running through a drive thru window.

Have additional tips for saving on food expenses – or have another cookbook suggestion with quick, easy recipes?  Share them below!

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