Save on Summer Vacation

Believe it or not summer vacation is just around the corner! Stressing about finances and payments can take the fun out of any vacation, which is supposed to be a get-a-way! So don’t worry about where the money will come from, but instead start planning now so you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.

  • Be flexible regarding your travel dates. If you have an open mind and open schedule, you can plan your trip when airline tickets are cheaper. Some tickets are cheaper during different days of the week, for instance.
  • Stay with family or friends. Try to travel somewhere you have relatives and stay with your family rather than paying for a hotel or condo all week. Also, it would be a great visit! You can always repay them by taking the family out to dinner the last night, a great gesture for something they gave up for free. It is also a lot cheaper than a week of hotel rooms!
  • Only rent a car if needed. If you fly, consider whether renting a car is really necessary. Many hotels offer free airport shuttles.
  • Drive instead. Keep in mind that depending on your travel location, driving can significantly cut costs most of the time.

 Have any other helpful tips for saving on vacation costs? Or maybe a story? Post them below!

7 thoughts on “Save on Summer Vacation

  1. Another good tip when going on vacations is to pack lunches for a road trip. If you buy sandwich makings in the morning, they will not spoil by lunch time as long as they are in a small cooler. This saves considerable money. A typical fast food meal will run at least $5 per person which adds up over a multiple day trip. Also, if you are going to the beach for a summer vacation, while not as glamorous, you could stay in a hotel that is not directly on the beach. The rates are considerably lower and most beach areas have state parks or public beaches that you could drive to for the day.

  2. I’ve found since being in college, I now have friends all over the country. This, coupled with my spread out family, allows for me to travel all over the U.S. without worrying about room and board; as long as I help out in some way around the house.

    Also, I don’t mind traveling during off hours or giving up my seat in exchange for a free ticket. Being flexible in this manner has proven to be useful.

  3. All these ideas are great for saving on summer vacations. Another great idea is getting a large group of people together when going to the beach. By renting a condo or house by splitting the costs can save you lots. Also, having a full kitchen on your vacation can help you save as well, because instead of eating out, you can cook in your condo or house. Also remember that beach front is nice, but also significantly more expensive, just having to take a short walk to the beach can save you money. Researching for the best rates is always a good idea and while it may take a little time, it can save you money in the end. Finally, rates are usually cheaper at the beginning of the season and towards the end, so keep that in mind when taking a vacation.

  4. You can cook before leaving for vacation if you are not going far away. These are all good ideas to save money on vacation. Check the rates for the places you want to go and make plans to go when they are cheaper. You can also limit your number of vacations or shorten your vacations.

  5. Whenever you go to the beach, instead of eating out everyday and night go to the grocery and buy a bunch of food. This will save a lot of money. Also, instead of buying beach towels, use the towels that come with your room. Most hotels or condos replace linens and towels daily. Consider buying sunscreen in advance because the demand for sunscreen is very high near beaches and it is more expensive!

  6. Go Where Summer is the Off-Season – You will save money on hotels, meals and other expenses that dip in price when the crowds are low.

  7. As for my idea for this summer vacation, it would be nice also to spend it with the family or friends in the beach or do camping. Just bring all you need for this event, carry out the most important thing so wherever you may be, in time of emergency you’ll have something to use. For your food container you can go for stainless steel tiffin carrier instead of plastic ware types because it’s safer, convenient, and portable. It has many uses than to any other containers so this stuff would be a great help to you. But whatever we go we should take precaution and be more careful. Safety is very important. So I think, even if our vacation became simple and not luxurious, I know we can still enjoy it when we spend it with the people close to us. =)

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