A Simple Way to Save

As we have already discussed, coupons are an easy, convenient way to save money. Since we already know the benefits that come with coupons, now here is a great tip for how to find them!

Most stores are offering coupons for savvy shoppers who know where to find them. So you may ask, “Where should I search?” The answer is simple. All you have to do is Google “favorite store name + coupons”. That’s it! You will be surprised at how many results actually pop up!

Try it out for yourself, using your favorite store as the store name and see all the savings that are available to you!

Have a comment or a story about how this worked for you? Post any comments and tips below!

3 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Save

  1. Along with getting the free samples from the websites of your favorite brands, the coupon/sales papers idea can be made simple by going to walmart. You can bring sales papers from other stores along with coupons and walmart will match their prices. This way you can save gas from going to all the different stores to get the savings.

  2. The first thing college students think of when it comes to saving is not coupons. But, it really is a great, easy way to save money. At school they send out a large coupon book to every student. That is savings that are practically done for you.

  3. Being a college student is already expensive as it is. So when it comes to shopping for everyday things such as food and hygiene products, it is a great idea to search not only for general coupons, but your favorite brands’ websites as well for special bargains and even free samples.

    Many times we can save on our indulgences just by taking a few minutes out of the day to complete a few surveys. I have earned a $50 iTunes gift card just for participating and it did not cost me a dime.

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