Ways to Save Money on Cooling this Summer

As we move closer to summer and the temperatures begin to rise, there are many ways to save on air conditioning that are easy and convenient, but often overlooked.

  • Turn off the air conditioning. This doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through the heat, but rather than paying for air conditioning, turn on a fan. If you still feel like you need additional cooling than an overhead fan in each room, invest in a standing fan you can move to any room!
  • Cook outside. Using the stove or baking something in the oven can just add a lot of excess heat to your house that is not necessary. Instead, keep the inside of your house cool and keep the air conditioning off by cooking outside. It is also a great way to enjoy the summertime with a barbeque!
  • Replace your air conditioner filters. This can be a task that is easily forgotten, but can also increase cooling costs if overlooked. Filters are inexpensive, so replace them regularly to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner and decrease run time and lower cooling costs. 

Have any other money saving tips for staying cool this summer? Post them below!

7 thoughts on “Ways to Save Money on Cooling this Summer

  1. As a college student living alone, I have tried many things in attempts to lower my energy bills. The strategy that worked best for me was to hang black out drapes on the windows in my bedroom. They have kept the heat outside and allowed me to leave my AC set at a higher temperature. An added bonus is that they also block the light from street lights at night, so not only is my apartment cooler during the day, it is darker when I am sleeping.

  2. During the summer, there are many ways to save money when dealing with your energy supply. I agree with the ways to save money above because I do the exact same thing. When I leave my house and will be gone for most of the day, I turn off my air conditioner. It is a proven success when concerning my bill. I noticed my bill dropped $40-$50 from the previous month. I rarely cook in the house because I don’t like when the house is heated. I like to grill outside, and it will reduce the heating inside the house. Finally, my dad always reminds me to change my filter in the house. By not changing your filter, your air conditioning bill will increase dramatically and could cause damages to your unit. Filters are very inexpensive and should not be overlooked.

  3. I live in a large residential apartment complex, and I have a first-floor unit. I speak from experience in admitting that summertime cooling bills are significantly higher. I recommend running ceiling fans and even opening a window to let air circulate. As for cooking outside, like the post suggests: it’s not practical for some people to do so. Mosquitos, rain, and (sometimes) more highly competitive neighbors will occupy the outdoor grilling space at my complex. I have discovered that running the stove vent fan can keep the heat down to a minimum.

  4. Cutting down on summertime cooling costs is easy to do. You should turn off your AC when you are at work, it will get hot, but it will save you money. I also suggest changing your air filters. This will not only save on electricity costs, but it could also prevent the actual AC unit from breaking down. I live in a fraternity house, and we forgot to change the filters…for a long time. The clogged up filters ended up doing damage to the AC unit, which then had to be repaired for $700. So my advice is change the filters.

  5. Since I work during the day, I turn off the air conditioner before I leave in the mornings.When I arrive back home during the evening, I must admit it is extremely hot, but it only take about 5-10 minutes before the house begins to cool. This is a great way to save on heating and colling coasts. I’ve only been doing this for 2 months and I can see about a $50 difference in my energy bill.

  6. There are many ways to possibly conserve energy in your house in order to maintain a cool living quarters. Instead of turning off your Air conditioning unit to save energy, turn it up to 80 degrees or so so that your house won’t get too hot and you can still cool it off when you get home without it taking hours to do so.

    Also if you invest in window units, that also help cool your house cheaper than the actual air conditioning unit. By having a window unit you can run with whenever you want to and it not cost as much as the A/C unit running its tail off to cool down your whole house. Chaning Filters is also a key to maintaining a cooler house.

    For those of you that live in the deep south, such as myself, cooking outside can be extremely hot and mosquito filled. So if you do decide to cook inside make sure that you turn your stove fan on high to suck up the heat from there and turn on a ceiling fan on hight to redistribute th air.

  7. Another way you can save on heating and cooling cost is to use thermal draperies on your windows. Windows are the number one source of energy loss and by using thermal draperies, you can save up to 30% on your energy bill.

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