Goals, shopping enthusiasm, and timing

Managing your money and putting a priority on your goals sometimes means giving up “extras” in the short term.  How can you do it without feeling like you are depriving yourself of the fun of spontaneous shopping?

First – try the obvious – don’t shop!  However, if you are out with friends and stumble onto the perfect (insert you selected item here), try to tell yourself you are not depriving yourself by not making the spontaneous purchase – but instead, you are prioritizing your REAL goals.  Sometimes that works.  Sometimes you want to make a spontaneous purchase anyway.

Try this.  Tell yourself you CAN have it, if you really want it – but wait 24 hours before you buy.  The delayed purchase gives you time to think and decide if this purchase is worth postponing your bigger goal.  If you make the purchase, you made the decision with a cool head – and not in the heat of the shopping moment!

Good luck!

Have another suggestion for keeping a cool head and making smart shopping decisions?  Tell us about it (below)!

10 thoughts on “Goals, shopping enthusiasm, and timing

  1. By working full time at a clothing store, it becomes really hard not to buy everything that I want especially with a discount. But I control my spending by buying most items that are on clearance and limiting myself to a certain amount to spend per paycheck. And any major purchases I try to wait before purchasing to decide if it is something I really need.

  2. I am definately the impulse shopper! I usually keep myself busy with school and work so I do not have as much time as I used to for shopping. When I do find the time to go shopping, I often want to buy everything that is appealing to my eye. I control myself by thinking about my goals or what is coming up in the near future that I will have to pay for. On a daily basis, I move money around in my accounts or check my daily balance. I set a goal balance for my account to never go below and when I get paid I leave my budgeted weekly spending money in my account and transfer the excess to my other savings accounts. When I am shopping around and want to purchase everything I see, I think about what where my account balance is in relation to how far away payday is and then I make the decision to buy or not depending on how important the purchase would be to me. The idea of waiting 24 hours to buy something is a very smart way to not overspend and buy useless things.

  3. I also tend to be an impulse shopper and by putting away money that I don’t want to spend in savings immediately when I get paid, I feel worse taking it out of savings just to buy something spontaneously. Putting away money i absolutely don’t want to spend helps prevent me from overspending or spending on unnecessary purchases.

  4. Since I work in the mall during the school year it becomes very tempting to buy items at work and in the rest of the stores. My solution that I have found to work for me is after I have paid my monthly bills I will treat myself to one item. That one item helps me to not feel like I am depriving myself all the time. Also, if it is a big money item I will have a special “fund” set aside and save for it so when I actually purchase the item I have a sense of accomplishment.

  5. I like to shop online rather than in a store. I have actually tried this by putting my items in the cart and coming back a day or two later and decide if I really need to make the purchases. It actually works very well for me in managing my finances.

  6. I must admit that I am horrible at managing money. I shop all the time, even for things that I do not need. Lately, I have been trying to budget and save money and what has been working for me is not going to the malls or stores at all. I’ve found that by finding another hobby to occupy my mind and time to stop thinking about shopping is working great.

  7. I have always been pretty good at managing my money but I have learned over the years that when I write down my goals and keep track of my progress, I am more conscious than normal when it comes to my spending habits.

  8. I agree 100% that impulse buying can be the worst thing espically for someone who is struggling financially. Aside from giving yourself 24 hrs to make a decision on the product go to the store with a list of things that you might want to buy (that are within your finacial grasp). The only way something gets added to the list is if something of equal value is scratched off the list.

  9. What I find that works for me in managing my money is to give myself a certain amount of money that I can spend per month. It is basically like giving myself an allowance. I find that if you give yourself boundaries, then it gives you something to stick to.

  10. I tend to be an impulse shopper and the idea of waiting 24 hours before buying is a great idea. A great way for me to determine if the item is something I really want.

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