Take Advantage of the Summertime to Save on Education

Are you, or do you have, a college student that is trying to receive a degree but running out of funds to pay for education? Well, the summer is an optimal time to save money on an education. Summer classes are less than half the cost of fall or spring semester classes. Also, taking summer classes will put you ahead on class hours and closer to graduation. The earlier you graduate the less money you are dishing out on tuition.

Summer classes are usually offered in two sessions, the beginning of summer or towards the end of summer, and last about six weeks. So don’t think that you won’t have any breaks whatsoever!

Think about it – the more classes you take over the summer, the less you have to take during other semesters. An earlier graduation equals less money spent on education! And summer classes equal big savings!

24 thoughts on “Take Advantage of the Summertime to Save on Education

  1. I’ve been taking summer classes for the last 2 years and I enjoyed it alot better than normal classes. It is shorter, portion the price and same credit hours! It is also easier too.

  2. I find it more beneficial to take classes during the summer. This summer will be my first time taking classes during the summer. I can admit that it is much cheaper. It is also in a shorter time span. You should take your harder classes during this time. Usually it is much easier and the classes are usually smaller.

  3. I deffinatly agree with taking summer classes. It saves you time, money, and gets you a little ahead. I know someone that was able to graduate early because she took summer classes. Summer classes are a good time to take the easy classes. A lot of the classes are offered online, therefore you can work fulltime if need be and still go to school. It gives you time to save money for the next semster as well as a small break. I would advise everyone to take summer classes if they have the finances and the time.

  4. I agree with this blog, you not only save money by taking classes durning the summer, but the classes most of the time are a little easier. Summer classes are a great way to get your grade point average up. The good thing about summer school it that it also allows you to take some on line classes, so you can still have your freedom and do your work when you can.

  5. Summer is indeed a great time to catch up on funds. As mentioned in the post, taking classes during the summer not only helps you finish school sooner, therefore saving money in the end, but also the classes, themselves, are less expensive than during the fall and spring semesters. Another way to invest in your financial future not mentioned in the blog is the consideration of a part-time job during the summer (assuming you don’t already have one). The best way to start preparing for real life outside of school is to practice the routine during it, in my opinion. That is, you have to be able to give up your past, childhood expectancies of summer being completely about vacation, time off and zero responsbility because the business world will keep churning during the summers when you graduate. There will be time for that, of course, in between work and summer classes (I can personally testify), but early discipline is one of the many keys to success both financially and behaviorally.

  6. I have always taken summer school ever since I have been a freshman and now i am a finally about to graduate. I totally agree with this blog post. I have probably saved close to $5000 and will be graduating early because of these summer classes. I did however feel like I burnout of school because of the fact of not taking any breaks between the normal semester. But graduating early makes up for it so now I can start my endeavor of my future.

  7. Taking summer classes is an excellent way for saving money on schooling. At Louisiana State University taking 4 classes in the summertime will cost about $2,100. In the Fall or Spring Semesters being a full time student would cost you about $ 2,600, but you also have the option of taking up to 6 classes for that price. However, most students take between 4 or 5 classes a semester because 6 classes are a bit overwhelming. Summer school is also an excellent choice because it can be less stressful when only taking a few classes and a bit more laid back. It also helps you stay on top of your work since you have to go to class everyday.

  8. Along with taking summer classes to get ahead in school, you can get a part time job because you are not taking as many hours in school as you were in the fall and spring. This gives you a few extra dollars to be able to put to the side for other things that may come up in the fall or sping semesters. This gives you an upper hand on things once the new semesters start.

  9. Summer school is an excellent way for many students to get ahead in school to minimize financial debt. The classes are daily,and most students will be done in a month or two. The faster students finish school, the less debt you will have. These classes are very beneficial to accomplishing that goal. Summer classes are cheaper, and most students only take 6 hours so that it is not overwhelming for them. I have the Louisiana TOPS scholarship and it does not pay for summer school. I feel that is probably the only negative reason when taking summer classes. I usually take summer classes, but didn’t take them last year because I wanted to make some money over the summer to help with my bills in the fall.

  10. I concur, the summertime offers a great alternative to fall/spring semester classes. Also, you might find it easier to make more money to support your education during the summer. Sometimes it may be harder to work the hours you need to in order to make your payments because of the way fall/spring classes are set up. Summer classes are a great way to quickly get ahead of the game and take advantage of your time in college.

  11. Summer classes are not covered under Louisiana TOPS scholarships, but they are a very convenient way to earn credits in a short amount of time. Class size is also smaller in the summer, as opposed to the spring and fall semesters. Fewer sections are offered in the summer making it hard to get in if you are on the waiting list. Overall, taking summer courses is a great idea if you have the resources and time to do so.

  12. I have taken summer classes all throughout my college career. Not only do these classes help to boost my GPA, because they are usually easier although intensive course load, but they are also cheaper. This allows me to get ahead both financially and scholastically. I am also able to enjoy my summer just as other normal college students because my classes are only twelve days long. I have to concentrate on them for only two weeks in the beginning and the end of the summer. I have about a six week break in between to do as I wish once again giving me the freedom of summer. All around summer classes are the way to go and I would recommend them to any one.

  13. Summer classes are really nice for saving money, and more often than not the student will receive better grades because of having a lighter workload than in the spring and fall. I have taken some of these classes and have enjoyed having the smaller classes and teachers more interested in your success. I highly recommend taking them so you can graduate sooner and save some money on your education.

  14. Taking a summer class is an excellent way to get a better grade in the class than you may during a regular semester. Since you only may take one or two classes during the summer, this lets you focus more on those one or two classes rather than four or five classes.

  15. I think summer time is a great time to take summer classes. I have taken summer classes almost every summer since I’ve been in college. The tuition is significantly cheaper and you can get a couple classes out of the way to help you graduate earlier which will help you financially in the long run.

  16. Summer is a perfect time to get through classes. And, since many people do end up changing their majors it is a helpful time to save money and catch up on hours to stay on track. Although this is not an ideal situation to add more costs it is better to spend less catching up in the summer then the fall or spring semesters.

  17. I totally agree I have taken summer courses every year of my college career. My situation is a little different, because I am required to take them because I play football. But summer courses are defiantly the way to go. They are a lot less stressful and they allow you to gain a significant amount of hours in a short period of time.

  18. The summertime is definitely the way to go as far as taking classes that are more concentrated and generally easier to make a solid grade. Most students either have to work or go back home during summer. A better solution is definitely to do a 6-week summer school program and work super hard the rest of the summer. You’ll find yourself finishing school faster than ever, and you’ll have extra money in your pocket. In my opinion, there is no better way to do things in the summertime!

  19. I agree, taking summer class”s is the cheaper route to take for education. The class’s are shorter,can take your hardest( math/science).The fall/spring are more expensive but less stressful than the summer. I’ve always taken summer class’s and always so happy when done. Nobody wants to work during the summer, but when your done its the best feeling in the world. You did it and all by yourself.

  20. Summer classes are a great way to save money and time. Even though you are not able to work as much over the summer because of school you have to think about the time you are saving yourself in graduating early and then able to get a full time job sooner.

  21. Not only are those all great advantages to summer school, but timing is huge as well. Along with usually having 2 different sessions for summer school most schools also offer inner session. Inner session only last for 2 weeks and is usually 3-4 hours of class a day. Luckly for me the great Louisiana State University offeres inner sessions online. This allows me to do my school work whenever i have time to sit at a computer. Another great thing about inner session is that because it is only 2 weeks the teacher will most likely put up all of the work that is needed to be done so you have the option of working ahead in the class. As for saving money i know at LSU inner session is cheaper than doing one of the summer school sessions. Inner sessions at LSU are offered in the beginning and ending of the summer, over Christmas break, and Mardi Gras break. By taking an inner session class every time it is offered at LSU would save you not only time, but money and earn you hours of credits.

  22. Not only can you save money by taking classes during the summer, but you are only allowed to take a certain number of classes. This can help improve grades and impact of the course, which can also help financially in the long run.

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