Consider the Cost of Living Before Your Big Move

Are you considering moving to another city? Well before jumping up and calling a moving truck, make sure you consider the cost of living in that area.

Items like the cost of food, gas, home, doctors etc. are important to consider when looking into a new city. Use this cost of living comparison calculator to compare a wide list of items in your current city to that of a new location. As you will see, different cities have different prices on certain goods and services.

Also when looking at the cost comparison of different items, be sure to consider things that pertain to you. For instance, if you are not one to go to the salon very often, then that should not be an item on the list that should weigh too heavily on your decision. If you go to the movie theatre often and always pick up a newspaper, then maybe the cost of movie tickets and the price of the paper in that area should be something you compare.

As you will see, the cost of living is something you should definitely consider! For instance, if you are a recent college graduate looking to move to a new location, remember that prices of items in the college area may be a lot cheaper than in a big city! These changes in price must be planned for in your budget.

No matter what the salary or where the location, you always want to be happy. Planning ahead so there are no surprises to your budget can help you make a smooth transition and enjoy your new locale.

Visit the cost of living calculator to get started. Good luck!

Have any advice on deciding on a city? Maybe you just relocated and have a story! Post them below!

17 thoughts on “Consider the Cost of Living Before Your Big Move

  1. After much thinking I believe your title “consider the cost of living before your big move …” one of the refreshing post I have read today, it reminds me of individuals who think through before they start something.

  2. I have recently started thinking about movinf to Zachary, la and I have seen that Cost of living plays a big role inthis decision. In Zachary you can save money because there are less things to do. So instead of going out to a bar everynight on the weekend you may go once and the other two days you may go to the country and ride dirt bike or go swimming, or go to the park. There are a lot of other recreational things to do there without ahving to spend all your money. I have seen that some of the new apartments are about the same as here and the gas is a little more expensive. But overall the cost of living is cheaper and the enviornment is homier

  3. The cost of living calculator is an incredible tool for planning a big move. I moved to Baton Rouge from Austin, TX about 5 years ago, and was always under the impression that Austin was a ridiculously expensive city to live in. This was a big factor in my decision to move away. Now that I have used the cost of living calculator, I have learned that it actually costs me more to live in Baton Rouge than it would in Austin. I will definitely be consulting this tool each time I consider relocating.

  4. The cost of living calculator is a great tool for anyone researching or planning to move to a different city. College students, whether transfer or graduates, should really research before they decide to move to a new city. Living costs are significantly higher in large cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Houston. Moving to a new city is not always the best solution to achieving happiness within your personal life or your career.

  5. The cost of living comparison calculator would be a big help for someone who is graduating and planning to move to another city. College graduates already have alot to deal with after graduation, but considering the increases or decreases in price city to city is probably not fresh in the mind when planning a future. I think people forget about the simple things they buy daily or weekly when considering the cost of living in other cities.

  6. The Cost of living in the big cities such as New York really supprised me. This is obviously something that needs to be considered when thinking about moving. I come from a small town and having to pay more for food or rent would really hurt my lifestyle even with a higher paying job. Knowing this beforehand could really change your decision about moving in the first place.

  7. We experience cost of living increases in virtually all parts of the country. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for example, gasoline prices within three miles of LSU’s main campus are $0.20 to $0.30 higher than in the rest of the city limits. More pressingly, with a high demand for apartments in the city (near LSU), prices tend to fluctuate periodically, with some complexes offering a variety of incentives to move in. Moving outside the city limits, however, reveals a grim truth: without the immensely competitive market of a college town to keep prices reasonable, everything from rent to dry cleaning services is more expensive. When moving out of the city limits, it’s important to research just how large the difference in price can be.

  8. The cost of living is a huge thing to consider when moving. Especially for a new job! You may think that you will be making more money, but probably not. Lets say for instance you use to work in Baton Rouge, LA. now you moved to New York cause instead of getting paid $30,000 a year your now getting $40,000. Because the cost of living in New York is so much higher than Baton Rouge you will most likely have less spending money than you did before. So was the move really worth it?

  9. Cost of living is a huge factor when considering to move to another city. It can make a big difference in the lifestyle you live, that why it is important to check it. I am from Berwick, LA and when I moved to Baton Rouge, I was surprised at how much more everything costs there. This definitely affected me, but it wasn’t too bad. I should have checked this before I moved.

  10. Cost of living is a very important consideration. I remember when my sister and her husband moved to California, they were making more money, but were not able to buy a house there. Real estate was several times what it is here in Monroe, LA. Then when her husband took a job at the University of Florida she was able to stay at home with their kids because Gainsville is a much cheaper place to live. Always remember to take the cost of living into consideration when deciding to move somewhere to take a raise. Sometimes you get payed more, but your living expenses are so much higher you end up with less money when all is said and done.

  11. The stress of moving to a new city can be especially intense, especially if the city you plan to move to be highly regarded as far as culture, business, and demand. When a student gets out of school and has to decide to move to New York or Minnesota, it can be tough. I think the easiest way to decide things is consider things you enjoy or do on the daily basis. If the cost of living is lopsided towards one place, don’t move there. You want to be able to live comfortably in the most cost effective place that you can. The two main things to consider are desire to move to a certain city and the cost of everyday activities there.

  12. I checked the cost of living in NYC, and was amazed at the price difference. The cost of movies tickets, pizza and one beer was at least $2-5 more. I understand the job opportunities in NYC are more valuable, harder to get, plentiful and where the action is. But paying that much money for the simplest of goods isn’t worth it.
    I would rather live in the south, where the people are nicer and the food is cheaper

  13. Before making a move to a new city you must look at the cost of living so you know what you’re getting yourself into financially. Once you know your job options not only do you need to decide on a place that will be affordable but also a place where you will be happy to live in for a good amount of time so you are not looking to move again in the near future.

  14. The cost of living is one of the top things to consider when trying to move to a different area. Big cities typically have higher prices on things such as food, living space, and salaries of jobs. You have to consider if you are a big city person or can manage to live a few miles away from a big city and commute to work everyday.

    Another big thing to consider is how much money you will be making at your job. If you have a high income, it may be easier for you to move to a nicer location in a big house. If you income is average, maybe it would be better to rent an apartment or buy a small house on the outskirts of a city. This is a very important thought to consider before moving out on your own.

  15. The cost of living can differ within the same city. For me, I considered moving further away from campus to get a more affordable rent rate for the same size or bigger place than we have now. Then I had to consider if it would be worth it considering I would be paying a lot more in gas. There are always pros and cons to every situation, you just have to figure out what works best for you.

  16. Cost of living most definintaly should be thought about when moving into a new area. To get a studio Apartment in Washington D.C. goes anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000 or more. It also depends where you live within the city. I am from Monroe, LA. and you can get Studio apartments for around 400 dollars a month. That is a huge differnece. Not only would the cost of living effect you but lets say you wanted a cheaper place in a bigger city like D.C. for example it would cost more to get to where you are going. Ex. Buying gas, bus rides, cab fares, ect.

    Also Food and drink will be more expensive; generally because things are nicer in a big city. (Restaurants, bars, night clubs, ect) So be careful of which area’s that you shop or eat in. Some area’s offer the same food and products for more just becasue they can. So be careful!!

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