Beat the Heat this Summer – And Save Some Cash, Too!

Is the Summer heat starting to get to you? Well, if you are a drink guzzler like me, the price to run to the convenient store and grab a soda or take a quick drive to the drive-thru can easily add up. So cool off and take advantage of these deals we have found!

Most Circle K convenient stores are offering any size fountain drink for 69 cents (79 in some areas) and any size “Icee” for 99 cents! Check your local Circle K or Shell to see if they are participating. Not all stores in all areas are offering this special. Also, different areas may be offering this deal at different times throughout the summer.

One offer, however, that is in all areas is McDonald’s $1 large soft drinks. Don’t forget this also includes PowerAde, lemonade and sweet tea – not just carbonated beverages! Let’s say you take advantage of this offer five times a week. With a normal-priced large fountain drink costing $1.39, that could easily add up to 20 or 30 dollars in savings for the whole summer!

McDonald’s franchisees are pushing for $1 any size fountain drinks all Summer long! Check out this article to learn more! And for the same price no matter the size, think frugally and go for the large. You won’t regret it – especially once you step outside into the extreme heat!

Have any other summer specials you know of that you’d like to share? Post below – we’d love to hear!

4 thoughts on “Beat the Heat this Summer – And Save Some Cash, Too!

  1. I was already saving money this way before I read this post, but I just wanted to say that it really is a money saver! I was used to stopping at Sonic to get a large drink, and usually spending over two dollars. Early this summer I started stopping on my way out at a convenience store to buy a large fountain drink, and therefore was saving more than a dollar everyday!

  2. This is really helpful information! I always stop at the gas station or run through McDonald’s on the way home from work for a drink. And your right, it really adds up! Now I know where to go. Thank you for these tips!

  3. Circle K/Shell does seem to have the best deals when it comes to fountain drinks this summer. I checked in my area and it is 69 cents for any size. This is everywhere for the fountain drinks, only some locations are offering the any size icee for 99 cents. Just to note however, On The Run is offering 44 oz. fountain drink for 99 cents. I believe all other sizes are normal prices. But 44 oz. is a good bit! Also, they have any size “arctic blast” for 69 cents. Good deal!

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