Plan a Budget Friendly Trip

With the last six weeks of summer upon us, you may be in search of some resources to help you plan a budget friendly trip. We have already done the searching and have come across some fabulous finds for your end of summer getaway.

Visit this travel saver website to find out where you can travel that is within your own personal budget. All you do is enter your city in which you would fly out of, your price range and time frame for the trip. It will then bring up the prices of airfare for any city in the world!

After you have determined where you will travel to, visit websites like or to save on flight and hotel packages. You can just enter your dates and destination and save on your airfare, hotel and car rental by purchasing all from one place!

Have any other great resources for vacation savings that you’d like to share? Share with us below!

2 thoughts on “Plan a Budget Friendly Trip

  1. This post gives great insight and resources on ways to save money on a family vacation. Some other money saving techniques are booking your flight in advance and flying in to another city for less and driving to your destination. Also, consult with a travel agent and research online through a travel website.

  2. I’ve also found that offers special package deals for vacations. I recently traveled to New York City and found a bunch of local websites which showed daily specials offered for the day. They had everything from free entertainment to bar specials. I used and is also a good website that is not just limited to New York, but most cities in the U.S.

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