Week 1 of 2: Back to School Savings

Most of the excitement that comes with a new school year is the new school supplies and clothing. Over the next two weeks we will discuss savings on clothing and supplies for the upcoming school year. Whether you are shopping for your kids or a college student paying for yourself, it is not necessary to break the bank! Consider these tips when shopping for back to school supplies:

  • Shop year round! Always be on the lookout for notebooks, pens, pencils, or calculators on sale. When you find something, go ahead and buy it and pack it away until you need. You never know when something may come up and it may not be the best month to spend the extra money. Shop smart and buy when you can.
  • Rent textbooks. If you are a college student looking to save some money on textbooks, consider renting instead of buying. You will spend a lot less and avoid being told that the bookstore is no longer using your book anymore when trying to sell it back!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute. Waiting to the last minute will result in the items you need being picked over and may force you to buy from a larger, more expensive store if other stores are sold out. Also, certain items like calculators, for instance, have less expensive options like off-brands and calculators with fewer functions. These calculators go the fastest. If you wait until the last minute, you may be forced to buy a more expensive version.
  • Shop at home. Finally, the easiest way to save money on school supplies is to not even leave the house! Try to be resourceful and reuse any items possible. Instead of labeling a binder in sharpie and throwing it away after use, slip a cover page into the front cover. This is an easy way to use binders over and over again. And don’t forget – stickers and labels can be used to cover up sharpie, logos and previous labels on binders too!

Have any other suggestions for savings on back to school items? We’d love for you to share – post below!

15 thoughts on “Week 1 of 2: Back to School Savings

  1. These are great tips on saving money. I know that when it is closer to the school year pencils and pens go up in price. If an individual were to buy supplies when he or she sees that they are on sale it would save money.
    Waiting untill the last minute is a problem when shopping for school supplies. Supplies might be sold out and an individual might be forced to buy supplies from an more expensive store or send your child to school unprepared.

  2. These tips are very helpful for saving money on school supplies. I definitely agree with looking for school supplies around the house. I know that I could find plenty of notebooks, pens, and pencils just lying around the house in desk drawers. Whatever I didn’t find around the house, I would go get the rest from the store and that would save way more money than buying everything at the store.

  3. I appreciate this blog as I find it very beneficial. I think that renting textbooks is a great way to save money on back to school expenses. And I also think “shopping around the house” can be surprising as to how much you have already! These are great tips, and helpful for those struggling with these tedious expenses.

  4. I agree with this post completely. There are definitely ways to save on back to school supplies if you just use your head. Taking advantage of deals that you find year round is one great way to do this. Often, sales come during the off-season and it is important to take advantage of these. Not waiting until the last minute is also very important. By waiting to the last minute, you deny yourself the oportunity to be price selective because you just have to take what you can get.

  5. I agree with the the year round shopping tip as well. I try to keep an eye on sale opportunities. I also have found it very helpful to shop at home. It’s very easy to buy a 1″ or 2″ binder and re-use it each new semester, all you need is a new packet of looseleaf and you are good for another semester.

  6. Shopping year round is the best option! Boots are less expensive in summer and Bikinis are less expensive in winter. When everyone is rushing the stores for papers and pencils and back to school supplies the increased demand may lead to increased pricing. After the rush stores deeply discount items to clear their shelves. BUY! BUY! BUY! School supplies have no expiration date.

  7. I agree with this article completely. The one thing I agree with most is definitely shopping at home. I find that I save a great deal of money simply by using my things more than once, and scavenging off of things that are no longer in use around the house. Another thing I do is whenever someone asks me if I want something because they no longer need it, I take it. You never know when you might be able to put it to good use.

  8. I think this article is well written and has a lot of pertinent information of how to save money while still purchasing what you need to be successful in school. Shopping year round can lessen the load when starting a new semester. Also, many books are available online, or for rent, for considerably less money. Renting is another alternative to purchasing. I would personally rent books considering the amount of wasted text books filling by bookshelves because of updated versions of the same text.

  9. I totally agree with the shop year round shopping tip. School supplies are always the same each year. They actually tend to be more expensive at the beginning of the school year so why not get it when it’s cheap on a sale. I remember purchasing a 4oz white glue for only 3 cent on a sale at Office Depot which originally cost 15 cent.

  10. I suggest going to chegg.com to order your books. They are affordable and shipping is usually 5-7 business days!

  11. I suggest calling the a shipping store near your campus and sending stuff in advance. Especially if you have to fly in. With bag prices the way they are, it doesn’t make sense to bring it all in the air! If you are nice to the business owner, they will typically hold your packages for a small fee. Some will even deliver to your dorm! When it comes to Texbooks, I like to rent textbooks from Textbookstop.com

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