Week 2 of 2: Back to School Savings

Last week we discussed how to save on school supplies for the upcoming school year. This week we will discuss ways to save on clothing. Try these money-savings strategies when shopping for uniforms or clothing for back to school:

  • Don’t opt out hand-me-downs. If uniforms are required, try to find an older sibling, friend or neighbor who you can borrow or purchase their used uniforms.
  • Sell your gently-used uniforms for cash. There are some consignment stores specifically for school uniforms. If there is not one in your area, you can always put the word out that you are selling your child’s used uniforms – if they are still in good condition!
  • Buy used uniforms. Try visiting a local consignment store. You may also get lucky and find backpacks and other items for less!
  • Shop at department stores and outlet malls. If uniforms are not required, outlet malls often have the brand name clothing items that you or your child like at highly discounted prices! Also check department stores for sales.
  • Shop online. Just like department stores and outlet malls, you can find lots of deals online. This is also a great time to save on the “free dress days” that many schools are now offering where students are not required to wear uniforms for certain days.

Have any other tips for saving on clothing for school? Let us know below!

5 thoughts on “Week 2 of 2: Back to School Savings

  1. I think that it is great that schools around the country are converting to uniforms. If you were to ask every parent who was buying school clothes compared to uniforms, parents would say that it is cheaper. Uniforms also cut down on the problem of bullying. I think that these tips could be used for alot of things in life not just uniforms.

  2. I completely agree with these savings when purchsing or searching for school uniforms. A lot of times kids don’t want to wear clothes that have been handed down, but I think this is a great savings tip.

    Selling your gently used uniforms that are in good condition is a good idea as well. I know as a child when I wore uniforms in school, over the years I realized I had collected a lot of uniforms that I could not wear anymore. Sell these items an make money.

  3. In the economy today buying clothes frequently for growing youth is not an easy task. Families that are living pay-check to pay-check may find it a challenge to buy expensive apparel for the start of school. These are great ideas for ways to get what you need, for a reasonable price. I also will say however, these are very simple facts. I feel as if anyone could easily think to find hand-me-downs, or a consignment store, or even shop online. When it comes to situations like this it really has to do with pride. If certain families are willing to wear someone else’s clothing. Some people really do not have an option, but will still spend more than necessary so that their child has an article of clothing they will grow out of within the year. Besides just stating different ways to save one shopping, we also need to be aware of the fact that majority of America is struggling right now. Once again, manage and budget your money correctly and maybe you can save to get nice clothing for your children. If not, do not judge used clothes until you give them a try. Many times they are as good as new and you would never be able to tell the difference!

  4. I agree with this little article about saving money on school uniforms. When I was younger I used to use my sister’s old uniforms. This saved money for my parents. Now I do not have to worry about uniforms, but I still save money on clothing by always looking in the sale racks at department stores. They always have cute things and even brand names, and the best part is that they are discounted prices!
    Shopping online is not as good at shopping in real life to me. I feel this way becasue you cannot try the things on, you just buy it and hope it fits! But I do agree with the deals you can find online! I am always looking at them for big department stores and I love the deals!
    Now for consignment shops, I enjoy giving my clothing to them. I am the youngest child in my family, so I do not need to worry about passing my clothes down. When I am done with my clothes I give them to consignment shops, becasue I know there are people out there you might like to use them! I also find cute things for a great price there too!

  5. I love donating things to consignment shops. I feel good about letting someone get the stuff I don’t use anymore or don’t need. Plus, sometimes I can find really cute things and really good deals for myself!

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