Three Easy Ways to Avoid ATM Fees

An ATM is supposed to be a way to access your money at your convenience, not have it taken away. Some ATMs charge only a dollar or two, but some can even go up to four or five dollars each time you take out cash. That is a waste and an easy way to throw away money – it really adds up!

Try these three tips to avoid those pesky ATM fees:

  • Avoid using ATMs from other banks – the easiest way to avoid these fees!
  • Ask for cash back at any point-of-sale register – Another easy way to take out cash is to ask for cash back when you are at the grocery, supermarket or pharmacy. Skip the ATM, and just ask for cash back at the store! Any point-of-sale register should have a cash back option and lets you choose the amount. This is what I do every week at the grocery; it is an easy way to get cash and not be charged anything extra for it!
  • Take more cash out at once – if you use an ATM, instead of taking out a small amount of cash each time, just go ahead and take out enough money to last you. This way you avoid paying any fees more than once, if a fee is charged.

Have any other tips? Post them below – we love hearing your comments!

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