National Scholarship Month

Next week marks the first week in national scholarship month. The month of November is devoted to raising students’ awareness of possible means for financial aid that are not detrimental to the student’s financial wellbeing. This means being scholarships. National scholarship month is sponsored by The National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA), which promotes student access to higher education through scholarships. Students are encouraged to apply … Continue reading National Scholarship Month

Put Your Priorities in Order -Save for Yourself First!

According to Employee Benefits Research Institute, many Baby Boomers and the Generation X-ers will run out of money for basic needs early in retirement– many within 10 years of going into retirement. And current studies show Millennials are on the same path. How upsetting to be ready to retire – but learn you have to continue working to make ends meet. Or worse yet – … Continue reading Put Your Priorities in Order -Save for Yourself First!

Plan Now

We are coming up on the holidays yet again and it is time to start thinking ahead to your gift planning. Here’s a recycled post – timeless advice to help plan for the holidays without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Build a Budget. Create a gift-giving budget and commit to it.
  • Start Shopping Now. Take advantage of fall savings and start shopping for your gifts now. There are only a few months left until the holidays, so spread your expenses out instead of buying gifts all at once. Continue reading “Plan Now”

Five Bad Habits That are Costing You Money

Here is a list of five bad habits that could save you money each year if you quit. Some of these habits are also bad for your health, but all are bad for your pocketbook.

  • Soft drinks – If you drink one soft drink a day at $1.50 each that is $547.50 a year! If you have three a day, you will have spent $1,642.50.  That is a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere.
  • Gossip magazines – Three to five dollars per magazine really adds up when you could simply get your weekly celebrity gossip from online for free! If you have a gossip magazine fix, you could pay up to $208 per year, with each magazine costing $4. Continue reading “Five Bad Habits That are Costing You Money”