Plan Now

We are coming up on the holidays yet again and it is time to start thinking ahead to your gift planning. Here’s a recycled post – timeless advice to help plan for the holidays without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Build a Budget. Create a gift-giving budget and commit to it.
  • Start Shopping Now. Take advantage of fall savings and start shopping for your gifts now. There are only a few months left until the holidays, so spread your expenses out instead of buying gifts all at once.
  • Prioritize. Weigh your purchasing decision by deciding if you really need something, or if you just want it. By prioritizing your spending, you will be able to find more money in your budget to put towards holiday shopping.

Have any other tips for planning ahead? Post them below!

One thought on “Plan Now

  1. By planning ahead you also avoid the long lines, traffic, and the usual holliday stress. Don’t just wait for the fall though. Start planning and shopping for the next holliday season as soon as this one is over. Your best deals happen just after the holliday that you’re shopping for has past. If you know you are going to have to buy a gift for someone, it is better to go ahead and get it while it is heavily discounted rather than when it is full price.

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