Smart Shopping for the Holidays

Last week we shared some tips for tackling Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Maybe you opted out of or missed these two shopping days, but don’t fret! You can still be frugal in your holiday shopping this year. It’s not too late! Remember that stores offer discounts, rebates and sales on and off throughout the holiday season – not just on Black Friday. Be sure … Continue reading Smart Shopping for the Holidays

Ways to Save on Your Holiday Shopping: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With Thanksgiving just two days away, the holidays are already upon us! Start your holiday shopping early to save money this year. Two great days for deals are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Here are some tips for both: Plan ahead. Visit the actual store or the online store to scope out what items you want. That way when the hustle and bustle of black … Continue reading Ways to Save on Your Holiday Shopping: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

A Frugal Feast

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Actually less than two weeks away, can you believe it? Start planning now to save on what can easily become a very expensive holiday. Take these money-saving tips into consideration when planning your feast: Buy a larger turkey – Sounds like you would be spending more right? Wrong! The larger turkeys are usually cheaper (by the pound) so buy … Continue reading A Frugal Feast

Healthcare Savings – Save on Prescription Drugs

If you are tired of paying for expensive medications, you could probably benefit from the prescription savings that many pharmacies offer. Besides just asking your doctor if the medicine comes in generic form, there is another action you can take in order to save!

As Clark Howard discussed yesterday on HLN, many stores offer $4 prescriptions and have a list of these medications on their website. What he suggested is to print out the list and the next time you make a trip to the doctor bring it with you. Then ask your doctor if any of the $4 medications on the list would be sufficient for your illness or maybe even an equivalent of what he intended to prescribe you. It never hurts to ask and you may be receiving a medication that will work the same way for only $4! Continue reading “Healthcare Savings – Save on Prescription Drugs”

Quick Home Fixes That Will Save You Money

Do you have an extra thirty minutes to save some money? Most of us would say yes, we could spare a few minutes if it would save us some money. Well here are a few quick home fixes that will save you money in the long run. Swap out your old, inefficient showerhead for a low-flow, two gallons per minute showerhead. You will save over … Continue reading Quick Home Fixes That Will Save You Money