Quick Home Fixes That Will Save You Money

Do you have an extra thirty minutes to save some money? Most of us would say yes, we could spare a few minutes if it would save us some money. Well here are a few quick home fixes that will save you money in the long run.

  • Swap out your old, inefficient showerhead for a low-flow, two gallons per minute showerhead. You will save over 7,000 gallons of water per year, not to mention the energy you will also save on to heat it!
  • Weather-strip your doors. If you replace the old and cracked foam or rubber strips that seal your doors, you can save between $30 and $50 a year in cooling and heating expenses.  New strips can be bought as low as $2 at home-improvement stores.
  • Empty out your attic and sell the unwanted household goods you have. Most of us have hundreds of dollars in goods we are not using. For example furniture, books, housewares, DVD’s and appliances. Here are some sites for this: sell.com, furnituretrader.com or amazon.com.

Have any other tips on quick and easy fixes that can save you money during a recession? Post them below!

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