Smart Shopping for the Holidays

Last week we shared some tips for tackling Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Maybe you opted out of or missed these two shopping days, but don’t fret! You can still be frugal in your holiday shopping this year. It’s not too late!

Remember that stores offer discounts, rebates and sales on and off throughout the holiday season – not just on Black Friday. Be sure to check back and see when certain items may be on sale. Some stores’ employees are very helpful and will even advise on when certain items’ prices will be lowered. This happened to me last year at Best Buy with an electronic. Not only did they tell me when it would go on sale, but how long it would be on sale for!

Also remember to do your holiday shopping early. You do not want a store to run out of an item and be forced to buy that gift “they must have” online and get plagued with shipping fees. Also, if you are planning on shopping online, do it early. Those “guaranteed to be here” deliveries allow you to order gifts the day before but charge ridiculous prices for rush or overnight delivery. Yikes!  Shop early and pay the minimum price for ground shipping – maybe even what you would have spent in gas driving to a store – convenient and frugal!

Have any other holiday gift-buying tips? Let us know your opinions below!

One thought on “Smart Shopping for the Holidays

  1. Best Buy is a great example for this. I saved $100 on a GPS navigation system. That is a big save – really worth it!!!

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