A Frugal Holiday Season

Consider these ideas when getting ready for the holidays!

  • Buy in bulk. Instead of buying lots of expensive gift bags, buy a package of plain, colored paper bags and save money! For wrapping paper, try to find deals like buy one roll of paper and get another free. Also, reusing bags is always a great option.
  • Use scrap paper. Save scraps of wrapping paper that are large enough for the smaller gifts, rather than wasting this paper and throwing it away.
  • Make your decorations. Are you having guests over to your home? Decorate your house with homemade ornaments and decorations. When setting a table, use items around your house, maybe even from outside. You can use flowers, pine cones, even leaves to decorate the center piece. Just make sure all items are in good condition and table ready!
  • Be resourceful. You can wrap empty boxes as presents and decorate with them. This makes a very frugal and cost-effective decoration.

Have any other tips for saving money during the holidays? Post them below!

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