New Year’s Resolutions Continued…

As we have already discussed, health and wealth are closely related because healthier individuals miss work less and are also more productive and energetic. Well, before you make your resolution to actually use that gym membership you pay for, consider canceling it all together!

“Now that would save some money,” you might think, “but then what about the health part?” The answer: the great outdoors! Thousands of Americans overpay for gym memberships each year and to be quite honest, whether you are using it or not, there is a much cheaper option.

Take advantage of what you may have in your own backyard for free. It does not cost a penny to take a walk outside and it does wonders for you not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Many people say that the “fresh air” allows them to enjoy the beauty of nature and that sometimes it doesn’t feel quite as much as a workout as the treadmill does!

Also, exercising outdoors allows you to mix things up and challenge your muscles in every way. A gym floor is always flat, but outside you can climb up, down, backwards, whatever way you like and on every imaginable surface – rocks, sand, gravel, dirt, etc. You can work your muscles harder if you choose to run in the sand, for instance.

So when looking toward and healthier and wealthier 2011, think outside of the gym!

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