Save Money in 2011

Want to save money in 2011? Who doesn’t! Check out this list of 12 things that will cost less this year! If some of these items are on your list of things to buy, you may want to wait an extra month or two until we see the prices drop.

Click here for the full article from MSN Money.

Also, check back next week as we share 11 things that will cost more in 2011, also noted on

Have any comments or items that you’d like to add to the list? Tell us below!

One thought on “Save Money in 2011

  1. The iPhone 3GS is on sale now! I found out about it the other day. Only $49.99. Wow! That is a deal – much less than the original price. I think I may have to get rid of my 3G and get the 3GS at this great price. May try to convert my husband from Blackberry over to the iPhone as well while this price is still available!

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