Savings in 2011

Last week we discussed 12 things that will cost less in 2011. This week, we would like to share a list of 11 things that are likely to cost more this year.

You may want to look over this list because it could have a huge impact on your budget. For instance, two items on this list are coffee and movie tickets. Well, if you require a daily morning coffee or are a huge movie buff, you may need to do some tweaking in order to better balance your budget.

Also, you could always consider cutting back or opting for more frugal options, like making your coffee at home instead of driving through your local Starbucks every morning.

Click here to see all 11 items and read the full article.

Have any other items to be on the lookout for in 2011? Or maybe you have suggestions for alternatives to some of these items on the list – post them below!

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