America Saves Week

This week is America Saves Week. In honor of the week, you can take a few easy, and relatively painless, steps to save. The money you save could be put into savings. Also, many of the changes you make are not only frugal, but healthier too!

If you are a coke or coffee drinker try to buy one less per day, or maybe last the whole week – ok, that may be a stretch! If you tend to buy groceries at a convenience store, make a list and take one trip to the grocery to save money – those little convenient store runs can add up! If you eat out several nights a week, cut back one meal and cook instead – this can even turn into two meals if you eat leftovers!

Another idea, if you live in a city where you can walk certain places instead of drive, see how much money you save in gasoline and parking fees by walking for this week.

To find out more information about America Saves, visit

Have any other ideas or want to tell your savings story for America Saves Week? Post your stories below!

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