Tax Filing Tips

Are you overwhelmed or confused about filing your taxes? Don’t fret – you still have time! And we have compiled a list of tax filing tips, along with, for your use! Take these tips into consideration when filing your taxes this year:

  • Consider filing electronically. If you file electronically and choose to have your tax refund deposited directly into your bank account, you will have your money in as little as 10 days. If you are filing a paper return, be sure to carefully check all numbers.
  • Double check identification numbers. Missing, incorrect or illegible Social Security numbers can delay or reduce a tax refund
  • Check all figures. If you are filing a paper return, you should double-check that you have correctly figured the refund or balance due.
  • Check the tax tables. Double-check that you are using the right figure from the tax tables.
  • Ensure that everyone need has signed. Both spouses must sign a joint return, even if only one had income. Anyone paid to prepare a return must also sign it.
  • Consider paying electronically. If you are mailing a payment, make the check out to “United States Treasury”. But remember that electronic payments are convenient and safe methods for paying taxes. For more information on electronic payment options, visit

For any additional help with filing your taxes, you can visit Or if you have a question, post it below!

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