National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and what better way to begin preparing for the summer season than eating healthier – for less!  Eating healthier can be difficult and expensive, so we have included these 5 easy tips to help you add to your nutritional repertoire without adding to your budget:

1.       Eat before you shop. Avoid letting your eyes grow bigger than your stomach.  Beat those impulse buys by shopping on a content stomach.  Also, always make a grocery list prior to the trip to the super market – and stick to it!

2.       Dodge the Expiration Date.  Be careful not to buy bulk perishables that will expire before the supply is depleted.  Only buy the necessary portions to save money and decrease waste.

3.       Water: Don’t fret the tap. Drinking water throughout the day is an excellent way to maintain health and slate unnecessary cravings.  Save by investing in a home filtration unit to have fresh, filtered water without having to buy the bottles.

4.       Opt for frozen over fresh. Frozen fruits and vegetables are often cheaper than fresh produce at the grocery store, and have a longer shelf life.  Buy frozen and unthaw for the same satisfying meal for a lower price!

5.       Go generic. Many grocery stores offer similar, off-brand products for a lower price.  Shop around, and be open to the idea of a store label product.  Be vigilant for in-store coupons featuring great deals for these products.

Know of some more tips to nutritional living?  Share with us and others below!

2 thoughts on “National Nutrition Month

  1. One thing that I find in the grocery store is pre-packed pasta’s and t.v. diners. Weight watchers recently added smart ones t.v. diner to the point system. Stoffers has a great vegetable chicken pasta as well. This is a good tip for someone who is always on the go, like myself. Overall great article…

  2. I like to eat healthy and grocery shop healthy as well, but I find that it can be expensive. This blog post was very help in giving good tips to staying healthy without spending too much. I particularly enjoyed the tip that said to eat before grocery shopping.

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