Beat the Heat and the Costs of Doing So!

As we move closer to summer and the temperatures begin to rise, there are many ways to save on air conditioning that are easy and convenient, but often overlooked.

  • Turn off the air conditioning. This doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through the heat, but rather than paying for air conditioning, turn on a fan. If you still feel like you need additional cooling than an overhead fan in each room, invest in a standing fan you can move to any room!
  • Cook outside. Using the stove or baking something in the oven can just add a lot of excess heat to your house that is not necessary. Instead, keep the inside of your house cool and keep the air conditioning off by cooking outside. It is also a great way to enjoy the summertime with a barbeque!
  • Replace your air conditioner filters. This can be a task that is easily forgotten, but can also increase cooling costs if overlooked. Filters are inexpensive, so replace them regularly to increase the efficiency of the air conditioner and decrease run time and lower cooling costs.

Have any other money saving tips for staying cool this summer? Post them below!

3 thoughts on “Beat the Heat and the Costs of Doing So!

  1. Living in the south I find that it is best to simply turn up the A/C instead of turning it completely off. We only turn the A/C completely off if we are going to be gone for more than a day. We also try to leave windows open on breezy days to cut back on some of the A/C use as well. Our A/C bill has gone down from doing this.

  2. There are also other benefits of changing your air filter often besides just the reduced cost of cooling your home. Changing air filters can also reduce the amount of dust circulating through your home which can cause tremendous relief for people who suffer from allergies. I also feel that cooking outdoors is a great solution to combat energy cost because it creates a social atmosphere that can be enjoyable for everyone.

  3. Living in Louisiana, anyway that one can save money on cooling costs is important in the hot summer months. With the price of energy rising, we should all do what we can in order to stay comfortable and not spend too much in the process.Lowering your cooling bill also means that your household is using less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a healthier environment. There are so many benefits not only to you but everyone around you so why not do something as easy as changing your air filter or cooking outside.

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