Six Financial Benefits of Marriage

Everyone knows that by getting married they can increase their financial opportunities, but there are six great perks to getting hitched that involve other aspects of life other than increasing your wallet size. Here are our choices for the top three benefits!

  • Increase Financial Stability – It is extremely nice that after getting married you gain someone to help you out financially when a situation occurs. It is one of the best benefits of marriage because two incomes are always better than one!
  • Combine Expenses – Some costs may stay the same but other bills like cable and housing may decrease. It is always smart to look into cell phone plans because many companies will lower the cost if you merge into one family plan.
  • Share Employee Benefits – Many companies provide health and benefit plans for the employee and their spouses. Take a look at both of your plans and figure out which plan offers more for the both of you.

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4 thoughts on “Six Financial Benefits of Marriage

  1. Getting married definitely would strengthen you financial stability with your partner. You have dual incomes to pay for the same things and makes paying for everything a lot easier. I agree that getting married is good for your financial stability because it provides 2 checks a month to pay the monthly bills etc. Also some businesses provide family insurance that is less expensive when you are married.

  2. These benefits of marriage are a perfect example of how two incomes can really relieve some financial burdens. Although some of the time only one spouse works, it still shows how most employers have shared benefits, which can really help to take financial stress out of the relationship. In that case though, it allows the non-working spouse to stay at home which can really make a difference in their relationships with each other and their children. In the cases that both spouses have a job, it shows how both paychecks can really make a difference with bills and even credit. The only negative of the extra income is that they loose valuable time together, and conflicting schedules can create unneeded stress in a relationship.

  3. 2. I think these are excellent example of the benefits of marriage. It is a great benefit to couples who able to rely on each other to make sure all of their financial needs are met. Having a second income reduces a great deal of stress for couples and gives them the stability needed to reach their goals. It is also a great benefit for spouses who are working in a job that may not offer health benefits to be able to be included on their partner’s insurance plan. One of the negatives of both people in a relationship pursuing major careers is that it may cause conflict of to schedules and could create unwanted stress because they are unable to spend large amounts of time together.

  4. I agree with statement that financial security “is one of the best benefits of marriage because two incomes are always better than one”. With more and more people living paycheck to paycheck, having dual incomes could mean the difference between making a payment on the mortgage or simply staying out of debt. Having two incomes can also reduce stress in life, because it increases your chances of being able to pay the monthly bills on time and in full. However, two incomes can also tack on additional daily expenses. Having both spouses work may increase job-related expenses like additional transportation expenses, automobile insurance, workplace clothing and meals away from home. In addition, couples with busy schedules may require a maid or nanny in order to maintain a household.

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