How Getting Hitched Can Save You Money

Last week we mentioned that there were six main financial benefits of tying the knot with your sweetie. Here is the last set of financial perks you could gain!

  • Auto Insurance – With a proper and qualified agent, you could gain discounts almost immediately after the wedding.  The opportunities for discounts for responsible married drivers are significant. Most married couples save by consolidating policies.
  • Raise Your Credit Score – Getting married to someone with great credit will only help you but if your spouse doesn’t have such a great credit score, you make experience some setbacks. In the end though, once you combine accounts, you usually will see an immediate increase in available credit.
  • Gain Favorable Loan Offers –Two incomes will only increase your chances of obtaining a loan offer in most situations. Make sure you and your spouse work out the details of how the payments will be made but this is definitely a great privilege you can obtain through marriage.

It is important to seek out these benefits when you and your special someone decide to get hitched because they can save you money and create more opportunities. To check out the entire article, visit

One thought on “How Getting Hitched Can Save You Money

  1. I agree. I think getting married can be a great way to save money. Although it does bring on other financial responsibilities, I think it can definitely help reduce your housing and other common household bills.

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