Common Ways Restaurants Get You to Spend

The food industry has become extremely competitive in the United States over the past 50 years. Before the 1960’s there wasn’t much competition, but as years have gone by, there has become an overwhelming number of dining options introduced in the market. With this high competition, successful restaurants must market themselves to both attract customers and maximize their spending. Here are a few techniques restaurants use to try and get you to spend.

  • The Upsell – Servers in restaurant business know that usually when the bill is higher, so is their tip. As Michael Macklon said, “A good server sells food like a car salesman.” At many restaurants they do this by offering you a basic menu and then give suggestions for appetizers, desserts, toppings, and super sizes. If you aren’t paying attention to these increases in prices, your bill could double almost instantly.
  • Forced Waiting – There are times you may go to a restaurant and although there seem to be open tables in the dining room, you are forced to wait in the bar or lounge. This is done on purpose by the restaurant because they have a chance to sell you on drinks and appetizers. Also, some restaurants like you to close your tab in the bar before heading to the dining room. With this technique, the restaurant makes you feel obligated to tip both your bartender and server at the end of the night.
  • All You Can Eat – At restaurants where they offer all you can eat items, you are most likely being tricked into thinking you are receiving a great deal. In reality, the price for the entrée is usually more than the regular price and a smaller serving size. These restaurants encourage their guests to fill up on less expensive items, such as breadsticks and salads, before receiving their entrée. Most of the time, no one goes past one entrée so the law of averages tends to work in the restaurants favor.

These are only a few of the techniques used commonly by restaurants around America. Check out the blog next Tuesday for some other ways restaurants try and trick you into spending. For the entire article, check out

One thought on “Common Ways Restaurants Get You to Spend

  1. I did not realize how restaurants try to get people to spend extra money. I have a better understanding now of restaurants operate in order to make more money. Given the current economic status businesses must try to advertise as much as possible to make a profit.

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