Stay Cool For Less!

According to Money Magazine, “Air conditioning accounts for nearly 60% of Americans’ summer electric bills.” With these easy tips, save your money and keep cool during the upcoming summer months!

  • Act cooler – Close your blinds on the sunny days to keep the sun and heat out. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, every degree you turn up your AC, it knocks 7% off of your bill.
  • Put your AC to sleep- If the temperature drops at night, turn off your air and switch to using the ceiling fans. These industrial-strength fans use only about 10% of the power of central air.
  • Prevent leaks – You could be losing 10%-40% of your energy costs through leaky ducts, windows, and doors. Use mastic tape instead of duct tape to repair all seams.
  • Keep the air flowing – Check your fan filters regularly because even a small amount of dust can prevent the fan from working to its full potential. It is advised to clean window-unit filters every three months.
  • Update your equipment – Typical central air-conditioning systems last 15 years, so remember to install new equipment when that time comes around. Also keep in mind that fixing worn out equipment can sometimes cost you more than just replacing it with an updated version.

When the average temperature becomes in the upper 80s and 90s, keep these little tips in mind when paying your electric bills. For the entire article and more advice on how to keep cool, please click here.

14 thoughts on “Stay Cool For Less!

  1. I agree with these tips. Many people have power bills that shoot up when summer time hits due to the use of air conditioning. The ceiling fan idea is very true. If a family keeps the house cool throughout the day, they should have no problem with just turning the air off during the night and letting the ceiling fans circulate the cold air.

  2. This tips will all come in handy for me. In my home, I have taken to keep all of my blinds closed to keep the temperature down in the house. This has made it easier to maintain a cooler temperature while using less A/C. One tip I will make sure to be using nightly, is the turning off of the A/C and turning on my fan. I did not know how much of a difference that would make until this article.

  3. I agree with these tips, they are helpful. I would also add that whenever you leave your house you should completely cut the AC off. i found that this helps me save a lot on my electric bill. I always ask around to see what other people do to save on electric, and they would mainly say “don’t touch the dock leave it on the same temp all day”, well i tried that and it actually cost more. After reading the article I now have a couple new tips.

  4. These are some very helpful tips. I have actually tried some of these things already. I have roomates and in the summertime our electric bill is very high. Im hot natured and my roomates aren’t so to save money and try to accommodate them I purchased a fan and at night when the temperature went down I used it instead of turning the air down and it helped a lot on the bill. I will definitely consider trying the other things.

  5. Great tips, there is a lot of money to be saved from your air conditioner alone. The money you can save over just a little maintenance would definitely be worth it. And anyone with an older home should consider updating their AC unit to save lots of money in the long run.

  6. This list of energy saving tips is very helpful and can really help keep electric costs down. Saving little bits of money here and there can really add up over time and will benefit you drastically in the long run. This list proves that taking little steps every day can save you a lot of hard earned cash, and also helps to make the earth a greener place.

  7. These tips are very helpful and should be considered extremely important for everyone to remember. Not only will following this advice lower your personal electric bills, but it will also be a first step towards a cleaner and greener planet.

  8. My roommates and I follow some of these tips and our electricity bill each month in the summer is several dollars less than our neighbors. We are able to save money on bills and splurge on other things. These tips really do work and I can’t wait to try out the tips that I just learned about today!

  9. Wow! These tips are very helpful, especially when you live in Southern Louisiana like myself. We are in the summer months now, so the cost of electric bills are sure to sky rocket. These tips are helpful for myself as I am trying to gain financial stability. An increase in electric bill cost will definitely aggravate my financial goals. With these tips, I am sure that I can minimize my electric bill cost with little threat to my financial goals.

  10. Living in the Southern United States, it can get a little sticky. Literally. As the summer heat progresses, more people should take advantage of these tips. Reducing electric bills can be an effective way to save money and transfer funds to more important aspects of your budget. For example, routine maintenance or air duct cleaning to further savings.

  11. This is something everyone should think about during the summer because it makes such a difference. Using my air conditioner on lower temperatures raises my utility bill drastically. These are all good tips, in addition to this I try to turn my air off and keep my doors open on cooler days and when I am not in my house I make sure to turn my air to about 85. Just these few things cut my bills almost in half.

  12. Air conditioning during the summer can get extremely expensive especially when your home is not insulated well. Also, these tips are eco-friendly because using ceiling fans instead of turning the air down keeps energy low. I will definitely use these tips to keep my electricity bill low this summer!

  13. I appreciate all of these helpful tips on saving money on bills during the extremely hot summer months. These tips seem to be known by all but very few households use them to their advantage, and complain when the bill comes at the end of the month. With all of the money being saved by using these tips house owners will be able to repair and renew their equipment.

  14. Thank you for the helpful tips for saving money on energy bills during these warm summer months. These common sense, easy to do suggestions can keep money in many peoples’ pockets to save for the potentially disastrous scenarios.

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