Have a Fabulous Father’s Day without Spending a Fortune!

With Father’s Day just day just a few days away, it is time to scramble up some plans to make him feel special. Here are some ways to easy ways to treat your dad without spending a fortune!

  • Spend the day doing his favorite outdoor activities – Put that messy garage to use and find his favorite outdoor equipment. It could be as simple as a baseball bat and glove or an old fishing pole. Take the time to dust off the cobwebs and do an activity he hasn’t done in a while. This not only gets the family out in the fresh air, but it allows for some quality bonding time!
  • Make a card rather than buying one – A personalized hand-made card from the kids could be the perfect present to touch a father’s heart. It shows time and effort but it also saves some cash! E-cards are also becoming very popular and customizable and many are free to use. Shoot your favorite dads a quick personalized e-card from www.jibjab.com  or www.americangreetings.com.
  • Cook his favorite dinner at home –Avoid the crowds and save money by making the meal he most desires in the comfort of his own home. He won’t even have to change out of his pajamas if he doesn’t want to!
  • Buy the gifts he would enjoy at lower prices – Instead of buying a gift full price, check for it on eBay first! Many people post items that are brand new and unused. Also, sign up for money-saving email coupons from websites such as www.groupon.com and www.livingsocial.com. These websites send out daily offers for reduced products and services.

With these inexpensive ways to show your father’s that they are special, remember that your thoughts and time are more important than anything. Make it their day and spend time with time people that you love. That’s the greatest gift of all!

Do you have more ideas on how to make a great Father’s day? Post them below! We would love to hear some suggestions!

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