Celebrate the July Holidays Without Over Spending!

Most people probably don’t know that July is National Recreation and Parks Month as well as National Picnics Month. Use the nice summer weather and take a camping trip to your nearest National Park and have some fun in the sun without spending a fortune! Go to www.nationalparks.org to find a park of your interest and in your area.

You and your family can incorporate National Picnic Month into your visit by packing a lunch and snacks at a low cost. For a family of four, sandwich items, chips, and sodas from your local grocery store could all easily be under $20. This is an easy way to take advantage of the summer weather and have a family vacation without over spending. Everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and  to cherish the outdoors!

Do you have a favorite national park or any suggestion on how to celebrate these holidays?  Leave us a comment below!

5 thoughts on “Celebrate the July Holidays Without Over Spending!

  1. If your travels bring you to Texas during July, visit the Texas Renaissance Festival. This is a free festival full of history and traditions of the early Renaissance fairs where the sights, sounds, tastes and beauty of the 16th Century come alive. This is a great idea without the burden of a steap price tag for a familly vacation.

  2. Visiting parks, having picnics or having a camping trip is such a great idea for a family to get together and spend quality time together. This really can be a cheap activity. My family has picnics quite often at our local park. It has never costed us more than $30 to buy food and drinks. I would recommend this idea to anyone.

  3. These are great tips for taking a vacation and not spending tons of money. I know as a college student, it’s hard to really plan a vacation with a very limited budget. So picnics and outdoors activities are a great way and very easy. I feel like it’s an obvious money saver, but easy to forget that we can make our own “vacation” with a quick weekend get-a-way nearby or even at the local park on a Saturday afternoon!

  4. Another summer activity if ever brought to the South, New Orleans has great history and many things to do that don’t always cost. Taking a walk in the French Quarter is a great idea to look at so much history without the price tag!

  5. If your travels ever bring you to the South, visit Louisiana and Poverty Point Historic Site. It is full of rich history and dips into some of the first dwellings of the ancient world.

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