How to Avoid Pesky Traveling Fees

We all know that traveling can get expensive, but how can vacations be fun if you know you spent a large amount of those funds on pesky traveling fees? Airlines have some major ways they sneakily raise their prices by adding a little surcharge to every aspect of your booking and traveling processes.  Here are three common (and irritating) charges and how you can cope with them.

  • Baggage Fees – In 2010, airlines made over $3.4 billion in these fees alone. The typical cost for checking a bag is between $25 for the first bag and $35 for the second, each way! Airlines also charge you a fee for being over the 50 pound weight limit. Although these fees aren’t included when making your reservations, keep them in mind throughout the booking process. You can eliminate these fees all together by packing lightly and taking a carry on! If you do have to check a bag, make sure it is less than 50 pounds.
  • Award Ticket Fees – Becoming a member of a frequent flier program does not necessarily mean you can earn free flights. In addition o the hassle of having to plan around airline blackout dates, now you may be charged a “booking fee” of about $25 to book a flight by talking to a representative. Sometimes canceling an award flight can cost you up to $150 or booking too late can cost you up to $100. These fees are harder to avoid, but if you are booking a flight through an airline representative, ask them to waive the booking fee. They may not do it, but it is worth a try! As for the other charges, try to book your flights as early as possible and purchase trip insurance if you think you may have to cancel your flight. The trip insurance will be significantly cheaper than the canceling fee.
  • Seat Selection Fees – As the most recent source of airline revenue, many airlines will try and charge you for your seat of choice. These prices are generally around $10-$15 per flight (if not first class). It may seem minor, but if you have connecting flights, the amount can easily add up. To eliminate these costs, stick with the assigned free seat, or choose a seat that isn’t marked as “premium.” Many of times, a flight will not be full and you can move around once the plane has been boarded.

Click here for the entire article and for more tips on how to avoid pesky airline fees. Check back next week for how to avoid hotel and rental car fees! Do you have any other tips or suggestions? Please comment below. We would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “How to Avoid Pesky Traveling Fees

  1. I feel as though these charges are ridiculous. People should not have to pay extra money on top of a flight that could run a few hundred dollars. I feel as though people will definitely reconsider flying, and ultimately resort to driving more places simply to avoid all kinds of fees that could have been money spent leisurely.

  2. I am familiar with one airline that recently changed their frequent flyer program. The changes have made it very difficult to schedule any travel. I think that airlines should be more considerate of their customers and open up more options.

  3. A way to avoid traveling fees is to try and find a fun place to go near your home. Driving is going to be cheaper than flying after the charge for bags, the plane ticket, meals in the airport which are always expensive, and the strain it puts on your body alone! Another idea is to have a stay-cation!

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