Dealing with Daily Deals

Are you hooked on daily deals from websites like Groupon or LivingSocial? A recent study announced that almost 50% of consumers subscribe a daily deals website. Between 2010 and 2011, these sites had a revenue growth of 40%! But despite their success, it is important for us as consumers to be wary when making purchases. It may always seem like a good deal because of the money you seem to save, but there a few things to consider before clicking “buy.”

  • The deal may be too good to be true – Sometimes a deal is enticing because of the urgency but be wary because you might not be getting the best quality of service. For example, if a salon offers a haircut and color for only $50, you most likely will not be receiving the best service or quality products. Think about these deals before buying because sometimes they just defy logic.
  • Blowing off your purchased deal – Sometimes when the deal isn’t local, or when the timing is bad, people simply just blow off the deal or let it expire. Nearly 15% of all deal coupons go unused. It is important when purchasing a coupon, know that you’ll actually use it, and be cautious of the expiration date. If you let it expire or forget about it, it’s just money wasted!
  • Redeem the deal on your time – Once a deal comes out, there is usually a huge rush of customers to venue within the first couple weeks. To avoid crowds and to ensure quality service, wait a little while for the hype to die down. You can make sure you get the best treatment and bang for your buck this way!

These are only a few reasons to think twice when subscribing and purchasing daily deals. For the entire article from, click here.

Are you a fan of sites like Groupon or LivingSocial? Comment below and let us know about your experiences and deals you’ve captured!

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Daily Deals

  1. It’s also important to make sure that the coupon really is a good deal. If you get a $30 credit for $15 to something you never would have spent the money on anyway, then it’s just an extra expense and not a way to save money.

  2. – Having daily deals and groupons can sometimes harm the customer. Make sure if you purchase any deal or coupon, you will eventually go use it. If 15% of the coupons go unused by consumers, why do companies continue to put them out? Always consider that you are getting everything for your money worth and you are not being ripped out of money because you have a coupon.

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