Save Money with Generic Over-the-Counter Medicine

Are you looking for a way to save money when buying medicine? It is simple, buy the generic store brand!

With the mass amounts of over-the-counter medicines available to you, it can be hard to decide on which brand to buy. If you are looking to save money, generic brands are the way to go. In many cases, if not almost all, national brand and generic store brand pain relievers’ ingredients are identical! From the recent news video from MSN Money, it is reported that Tylenol costs 30% more than generic Acetaminophen. Advil costs 60% more than generic Ibuprofen while Bayer’s price is more than 4x the price of generic Aspirin. 

Next time you are feeling under the weather, try the generic brands of your pain relievers and cold medications. You might be surprised to know that they will work just as well!

To watch the short video clip about over-the-counter medications from MSN Money, click here!

What do you think about generic and national brand medications? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “Save Money with Generic Over-the-Counter Medicine

  1. My parents are pharmacists, and I can agree with this blog. I grew up my entire life taking generic medicine, recommended by my parents. They knew it was identical to the brand name; therefore, if it came in generic, we got it. Even now that I am on my own, I still follow the generic trend, over brand name any day, when it comes to any medication.

    1. That’s great! It is neat to know that your parents, as pharmacists, have been telling you the same information!

  2. When it comes to name brand and generic, I usually side with generic unless it is a food item. Tons of money can be saved by buying generic especially when it comes to medicine. The pharmaceutical industry makes millions each year off of selling us medication and the generic brands are the same chemical compostion resulting in no difference of results. So long story short, buy generic.

  3. Being away from home in college and not having my mother to take care of me and buy medicine I quickly learned that buying the generic brand can really help out. The drug will do the same exact thing as the name brand it just doesn’t carry that name brand. So there is really no reason not to do this!

  4. Choosing the generic brand medication over the national brand medication is a great choice. However, check with your doctor or research online before making your purchase. You will find that sometimes the generic brand will not have all of the same ingredients as the national brand. It is important to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need from the generic brand medication.

  5. Choosing the generic brand over the counter medication is definitely the way to go. They are always cheaper and are the exact same thing. A lot of times you even get more medication and at a cheaper price. I always buy the generic brand if available and have found no difference in the effects of the drug. A lot of prescription medications come in generic forms as well, but those you have to be more careful with and research more when deciding to deviate from the name brand.

  6. Always choose a generic drug if available before paying for a brand name. There is no difference in the makeup of each drug. You will and can save hundreds of dollars in your wallet by choosing a generic. Some drugs are not available in generic form so you will have to choose brand. If at all possible, research your drug and see where and how much it is in comparison to the brand name.

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