Save Money on Prescription Medications

Prescription medications can become expensive, especially after the cost of a trip to the doctor. But whether your insurance co-pay is $15 or $50, you can save money on prescriptions with the following two options.

  1. Ask your doctor for a list of comparable over-the-counter medications instead of a prescription. Depending on your illness, he may allow you to take an over-the-counter alternative with a different dosage. 
  2. If your doctor cannot prescribe you an over-the-counter alternative, bring a list of inexpensive prescriptions from your pharmacy. Ask your doctor if he can prescribe you a medication off of that list to help you save some extra money. These lists can usually be found on your pharmacy’s Web site or you can ask for it at the counter. For example, Walmart has a $4 prescription program where you can fill many of your common prescriptions for 30-days for only $4.

Do you know of any other ways to save on prescription medications? Please comment below. We would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Save Money on Prescription Medications

  1. That’s a great idea. We haven’t heard of but that seems like a good deal on prescriptions!

  2. While some of the medications may not always be applicable it is a good practice to get into the habit of. Someone should never be afraid of talking to their doctor about medications, and what alternatives might be out there. Not only for pricing options, but for ones that have more tolerable side effects.
    My personal monthly prescriptions have gone into the price range of $150 a month. While there are no direct alternatives for me, I still spoke to my doctor and would never have known if I did not ask.

  3. The two suggestions given here are excellent ways to save money on prescriptions. But for prescriptions that are in generic form, but can’t be had for $4-$10, going online and comparing prices is really worth the time it takes. My health insurance plan will only cover one of the two prescription medications I have to take daily. For this one medication, I eventually discovered and found a really, really good deal. Here, the prescription is always filled in the US—and what was once for me a $100+ bill every two months is now a $35 bill every two months. Purchasing medication this way also saves on the time and hassle of calling in refills. What’s more, the prescriptions come to you through the mail, instead of you having to find the time and gas money to go to the pharmacy. As for shipping, on many sites it’s free with a certain minimum purchase amount that’s usually not difficult to meet. And in those cases where you can’t meet the minimum purchase amount, the savings from buying online, even with shipping costs, can still be significant.

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