Three Ways to Save Money on Medical Costs

Are medical costs burning a hole in your pocket? According to, 30 states around the country are having hospitals and insurance companies list their prices for medical services. Since costs vary by provider, this is an innovative way to compare costs to save money. Here are three major tips to help you save:

  1. Understand Your Costs – You need to understand how much you spend before you can know how much to save. Programs like Simplee and Quicken allow you to track your health care expenses and monitor medical billing errors.
  2. Make Use of Price-comparison Sites – Routine procedures and services are the easiest to compare. Web sites such as, and are becoming some of the most popular for medical prices and doctor ratings.
  3. Think Outside the (Medical) Box – Trips to the emergency room can be extremely pricey for common health problems. Use the Internet to find cheaper options such as walk-in retail clinics at local pharmacies or urgent care facilities if your injuries are less severe. It is best to plan and look at all of your options ahead of time so that when you are in need of assistance, you’ll know where to go.

For more information on how to save with medical costs, view the entire article here. Do you have any other suggestions? Please comment below!

2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Save Money on Medical Costs

  1. I think that making the physician post their rates is a great way for patience to stay informed about their health expenses. It also make me think twice about going to a physician that cost more if I can get the same service for cheaper.

  2. Always remember that getting enough sleep will also lead to better health and potentially saving more with better health.

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