Thieves Using Social Media to Steal Your Identity

We’ve recently discussed in our previous posts about how to protect you from identity theft. We came across this article and found it interesting because we are living in the age where technology and the Internet rule all.

Fox Business reports that thieves can gain many important personal information facts about yourself from your social networking sites, especially Facebook.  Your so called “friends,” have access to facts such as your birthday, names of parents or siblings, home addresses, recent vacations, pets and more. All of this information is extremely dangerous because they are the answers to some of the most common security questions asked.

After thieves gather information from your Facebook, they can log into your LinkedIn or a job availability Web site to see if you have posted a resume. From that, they can learn about your personal background, academic degrees, and your past work experience. If there are really skilled, the thief can go onto with the plethora of information they already have and uncover the answer to the main answer for accessing your financial accounts: your mother’s maiden name!

It is important to make sure you go into your Facebook privacy settings and make your profile private. Also be wary of your “friends,” and the amounts of personal information you allow them to see.  For more on this issue, view the entire article from Fox Business here.

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