Holiday Payback – Part 2

With the 2011 holiday season being deemed a retail “success,” people are struggling with their debt in January 2012. Continuing with last week’s post, here are some ways to cut back reasonably painlessly in order to pay down your debt.

  1. Stop buying bottled waters or sodas – Instead of using the vending machine at work or school; buy a 12 or 24 pack of waters or sodas from the grocery store. At $0.75-$1.50 a pop, you can quickly save money by bringing your own from home. Also, remember to refill your water bottles from a fountain. If you don’t like faucet water, invest in a filter and get hundreds of clean refills!
  2. Replace your air filters – Remember to replace these in your furnace on the recommended schedule.  They are inexpensive and will help keep your furnace running at its best efficiency. It will not only keep the air in your house cleaner, it will make your unit last longer and save you energy.
  3. Reduce your cable television package– Cable and Satellite prices keep rising every year. It is up to how much you actually watch TV, but now-a-days, most of the shows you watch on network TV can be found online for free. Cancel the extra channels that are going unused to free up some cash!
  4. Prepare and freeze meals – By cooking in advance, you’ll be less likely to splurge and go out to eat on nights you either don’t feel like cooking or don’t have the time. If they are already prepared, you can just pop them in the microwave or oven and stay in to save the cash. Visit the US Food Safety and Inspection Service website to see what foods can and cannot be frozen!

We’ll have more tips next week to help you save money to put towards repaying that holiday debt! Have any other ideas? Leave us a comment!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Payback – Part 2

  1. Bottled water is a concept that I never could fully embrace. You pay so much just for water which you can find free at many locations. Most of the plastic goes to waste and is hurting the environment. I agree that the simple solution is to buy a filter and a water bottle that can be refilled!
    From personal experience I could not agree more about preparing and freezing meals. Most people do not have time to freshly prepare their meals everyday. It is nice to be able to grab ready-made food from your fridge and microwave it within minutes rather than wasting time and money going to eat out.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I have tried to cut out buying individual drinks from the vending maching! For the price I pay for 3 cokes, I could buy and entire pack! I have really saved a lot of money by preparing and planning in advance. I also save money by freezing and cooking meals! It has drastically cut down on the times I eat out!

  3. I have been getting more 12 packs as well in the last couple of month and I can see how it has a positive affect on money money situation. You can save a lot of money over a good period of time. We are paying about 115 dollars per month for cox, which is pretty high. We are thinking about canceling all the HD and getting just regular TV. And they are right about the increase, so far we started out with about a $100 and are now at $115. ANd freezing meals is always a great idea instead of buying food on campus which expensive as well.

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