Holiday Payback – Part 3

As the first month in 2012 is coming to a close, how are your finances looking after the 2011 holiday season? Are you making a conscious effort to pay back that debt? To finish up our series on how you can save to reduce your debt, try out these few tips to get back into gear!

  • Pass on extended warranties. When offered an extended warranty on a purchase, remember to take into consideration how much the product is actually worth. A $139 2-year extension on a $320 product is probably not worth it.  Warranties are insurance and it’s rare that you may want to ensure on such a small amount.
  • Get your books and DVDs from the library. If you are looking to read a new book or watch a movie, try and rent it from the library before paying for it. Many libraries are starting the DVD service so check to see if your closest library is jumping on this trend! Also, most libraries allow you to reserve your books or DVDs online from their catalog so renting can be quick and easy!

Also, remember Valentine’s Day is coming up! Plan ahead and order some flowers for your sweetie online from companies such as 1-800 Flowers, ProFlowers, FTD. Use your Google skills and find some online coupons to use during your checkout. For instance, 1-800 Flowers is offering 15% off any flower arrangement with the code SEM15.

Have any other suggestions about paying back holiday debt or saving money during Valentine’s Day? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Payback – Part 3

  1. As mentioned above, I think that passing on extended warranties is a good idea for mostly anything except for laptops or expensive items as such. Both the post and the comment touch on this in different ways. Retail stores sale extended warranties on anything that is electrical or require batteries and I believe that it is an exploitation of a person’s want to have the peace of mind of being able to return something. In fact, Office Depot does not take returns on items such as laptops that are open requiring the purchase of an extended warranty. Touching on the Valentine’s day sentiment, although it has passed, if both parties agree not to make Valentine’s day a big deal, it is fun to not do much for Valentine’s day and then surprising the other party on another night with something that would be done on Valentine’s day to save some money.

  2. I agree and also disagree with a few points in this article, the idea of “Pass on extended warranties” is a good idea, if the project is truly inexpensive relative to your income then yes I agree fully it’s not worth the money. However if the product is expensive relative to your income, and could affect your day to day without then I think paying the extra money to have it replaced or repaired would be worth the expense. For example if a laptop is required for your job then having it brake down is not really a few option, thus paying a bit more to make sure it can be fixed or replaced might be a good idea.

  3. I completely agree with this statement. It is important to remain loyal to the initial financial agreement and to say away from extension. As it is a waste of money and prolonging your time in debt. Also by choosing activities that are cost effective would be a good daily habit to incorporate into your life.

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